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Hey, thanks for the invite :)

Am a "recovering" ana and ahve reached my highest ever weight of 168lbs! I'm 5ft 7 almost and look like a complete BLOB! Only got better for my family's sake but now feels so disgusting that I can't stop crying... Am starting by limiting my calories to 1300, then lowering them weekly. Want to reach my Goal 1 weight of 140 by late April and my Goal 2 weight of 126 by June. Haven't decided on my ultimate goal weight yet...

I have posted some pics of my horrible disgusting body in my journal if anyone wants to have a look- they're very embarrassing but having them there makes me more motivated. Please feel free to comment- negative words actually spur me on more!

Hope everyone is having a great day :) Stay strong :)

Good Morning!

Good Morning My Lovely Skinnies!
I woke up around 6:30 AM, got up and made my boyfriend breakfast. I wasn't even hungry. In fact, I was so content, the coffee didn't even tempt me. I've really been trying to stay away from coffee simply because (despite how low in cals it is) it fills me to the point where I feel disgustingly fat. Has anyone else ever felt that way from coffee?

Probably following a liquid diet today, mostly because I don't have the want to eat. Nothing is tempting me in the slightest bit.

Did sort of bad yesterday. After caving from the liquid diet the day earlier, I woke up and had two eggs, one slice of diet high-fiber multigrain bread w/ one tsp. of margraine, water with no-cal pink lemonade mix-in, 1 1/2 medium slices of homemade pizza, 1 small homemade garlic knot, glass of diet pepsi, 2 1/2 oreos, glass of whole milk. BAD. I binged. Approximately 1118 cals in total :/

Does anybody happen to know if reducing your cal intake drastically can result in a development of a slow metabolism? Someone recently told me that and when I researched it, many articles reported the same thing. How come dieting like this works then? Also, how do you keep boobs while still losing weight. It seems like they're disappearing! ha, just random thoughts producing I guess...

I hope everyone else is having a good day :)

Thanks for the invite :D

so here are my stats:

Age: 13
Height: 5''2
LW: 80 lbs (2008 july)
HW: 94 lbs (january 2009)
CW: 91.1 lbs
GW1: 89 lbs
GW2: 86 lbs
Gw3: 83 lbs
Gw4: 80 lbs
''diet''=Usually try to eat around 900 calories a day
but currently around 1300 since Im sick my temperature is 103, so
I hope ill get better....

anyway Im looking forward to meeting new people and have loads of support, some of you may know me as the maintainer of
perfect_souls or _______feathers, anyway xox


Thanks for the invite!

I'm working on losing weight I've recently put on.  For my own health, I had gotten rid of my scale, so I don't have an accurate status report at the moment.. Also, I had begun eating more as a way to get over my issues, which ballooned into a whole other issue.  Now I'm ready to be myself again, and lose the weight I've put on in the past long while.  I'd rather this extreme than any other.

Stay Strong Ladies!
 hey girlies

im Missy
17 from Australia 

:) im not going to post stats, because . . . well . . . i have my reasons.
i just want to be happy with how i am
and if i post my stats, people will get worried.
so :) im going to concentrate on being happy

hope everyone is having a good night.

xx Missy

ABC Diet

Just curious, has anybody here ever tried the ABC Diet, and how effective is it? I'm thinking of starting it at some point within the next week (maybe Wednesday for the start of Lent). Since Lent is 46 days and ABC Diet is 50 days, I figure I'll alter it to 40 days? Let me know if you're interested in joining me!

Think thin and stay strong! xoxoxo
Hiaaa im hatty
Age - 14
Height - 5'
CW - 98-100
GW1 - 90
GW2 - 80
GW3 - 70
UGW - 63
Im on a liquid fast atm..
Neone else??


Welcome to Beautiful Bones!

I am the moderator of this newly created community. This has been created in order for those who are experiencing eating disorders (particularly anorexia, bulimia) or those who wish to lose weight have a space where they can record their thoughts and feelings for personal liberation. It's always encouraging to have support from people who are suffering through similiar situations as oneself. I hope this will be a help to many of you. :]

Please remember not to harm yourself when trying to diet/fast and lose weight. Try to keep your personal limits in mind--don't deprive your body completely of nutrients. After all, you know your body best. Good luck and think thin! :]


Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
CW: 103 lb
LW: 102.8 lb
HW: 115 lb
GW 1: 100 lb
GW 2: 95 lb



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